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May 24, 2021, 10:44 a.m.

Spout Pouches on Dragons Den

If you were on the fence about spouts pouches, here's your affirmation!

Who are Whisky Me?

Whisky Me is a Single Malt whisky postal subscription service, people can get their chosen whisky directly delivered to their door every month for as little as £7, and you get a Free one if you recycle your old pouches with them, what more could you want! We ultimately see Whiskey Me as the Netflix of the DVD era, it’s time to run with the tide!



How Whisky Me is driving the change in the beverage sector.

As pioneers in the flexible liquid packaging sector, we’ve been advocating for many years that spouted pouches are the future for beverages. To our joy, one of our Star Customers ‘Whisky Me’ who operate a single malt whisky postal subscription service, attained funding on the BBC Series, Dragons Den, from multiple Dragons. This is a clear affirmation for both the use of flexible packaging in the beverage sector and for the product and brand themselves. We’re very proud of Whiskey Me and look forward to working with them as they grow their business. We have focused investment and R&D into both print technology and also recyclable solutions so that our customers benefit from the opportunities presented by this innovative format of packaging

With the introduction of our digitally printed spout pouches for short runs, there has never been a more accessible time to access professionally printed spout pouches.




Benefits of our spout pouches:

Lower Carbon Footprint in contrast to Bottles Glass or Plastic
Recyclable with our specialist partners
Less damaged merchandise
Lower delivery costs
Lower unit cost
Lower filling & production cost
Edge to Edge Vibrant Branding
Ideal for subscription services
Digital Printing available for volumes as low as 1000 units