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Jan. 21, 2021, 2:43 p.m.

Launch of the Swiss Pack European Hub

New operations to emphasize our commitment to our EU Customers.

Launch of Swiss Pack European Hub in the Netherlands

Here at Swiss Pack we’re proud to announce the set up our new distribution centre in the Netherlands, emphasizing our commitment to serve European Businesses with flexible packaging while also building a closer relationship with them. With increasing confidence in market conditions set to improve over the coming months following vaccine rollouts, we have taken this next step to not only grow our European operations but more importantly demonstrate our commitment to becoming a key regional packaging partner to support businesses as they rebuild following the Pandemic.

Our Dutch operations will be fully up and running from the 1st of February, which allow for the free movement of goods without the need for customs formalities, thereby ensuring our customers based within the EU do not have to worry about any delays, taxes and duties associated with Brexit and other Changing trade deals across Europe. UK Customers will continue to have goods distributed from our UK warehouse.

Our distribution centre is to serve a even wider growing European customer base.
The new location in Katwijk aan Zee, plays an integral part in improving and catalysing the international distribution of the Swiss Packaging Ranges. With routes to market evolving due to the pandemic there has been a great demand for high quality and secure specialised packaging solutions suitable for ecommerce, a primary sector we cater to.

The location of our new distribution centre plays a strategic role in our operations, providing faster connectivity to our customers in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Norway.

For a more sustainable future
Our investment in the Netherlands is also in line with our sustainability goals. As one of our ways to contribute to the environment was to reduce our carbon foot print and move towards becoming carbon neutral in the coming years. Being one of the first and few manufacturers to produce 100% Recyclable pouches as well as Compostable pouches, we now have a manufacturing and operational network that is optimised to deliver a more environmentally friendly solution in a more sustainable way.

European Partnerships
With our opening in the Netherlands, we’d like to invite European businesses to partner with us in supplying our Greener Product Solutions across the continent and making environmentally friendly packaging accessible to all. In addition, we will be looking to work with industry disruptors small & large, knowledge institutions and local authorities to partner with us on our roll out. Beyond moral incentives for a greener future we offer a wide range of trade and financial incentives in working with us.

About Swiss Pack Europe
Since 1975 Swiss Pack has been at the forefront as a packaging manufacturer, initially focused on printed roll film, the business has grown to be a well regarded and trusted supplier and innovator or pre made stand up pouches and other flexible packaging options . We have seen packaging requirements develop and change over four decades and take pride in being unrelenting when it comes to innovation and pushing the boundaries to provide the very best solutions for our customers and the environment. Lastly, we work and have worked with companies of all sizes from start-ups to large conglomerates and would like to thank each and every one of them for their continued businesses throughout these turbulent times and hope all our customers remain in good health and spirit.




Shamir Shah
Managing Director