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June 12, 2020, 6:39 p.m.

Recyclable pouches

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With everything going on in the world its easy to forget that remaining environmentally friendly is still as important as it was yesterday! Although trading has become tough for many industries, it is important to not loose sight of longer term environmental benefits. Moving towards fully recyclable packaging adds to your brand equity and demonstrates to customers your commitment to reducing the overall impact of packaging waste.

At Swiss Pack we’ve been lucky enough after years of R&D to be at forefront of being able to supply 100% Recyclable Packaging. These monolayer products can be easily recycled by throwing them into the standard plastic recycling waste bins, no need to send your customers through loops to figure out how best to dispose of their packaging ! (Not a sustainable or scalable recycling solution).

Here's a recent example of a fully custom printed 100% Recyclable Stand Up Pouch we have manufactured for Fish Dish, a natural and super nutritious dog snack brand who pride themselves in their 100% sustainably sourced product, keeping your dog’s conscious & carbon foot print clean!

Flexible packaging has proven itself to be the ideal packaging format for numerous Industries as companies find themselves having to switch over to more online/mail order operations. This has created a need for cost effective and delivery secure packaging. Our flat bottom and stand up pouches tick all the boxes and are  available in stock ranges from 50g all the way to up to 5KG.

Whether you are new to flexible packaging, interested in a custom printed bag or thinking about switching over to something more eco friendly, we’d like to invite you to a free 30 Minute phone consultation with one of our packaging experts to help you understand the best solution for your brand.

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