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July 1, 2021, 11:32 a.m.

Our Green Initative - We're Planting Trees!

Learn about how we're helping climate change with our Green Initiative

Our Green Initiative 


As a packaging manufacturer it is our moral responsibility to understand and facilitate advances in circular economy and carbon offsetting within our business models. As an upcoming project in this initiative- we will look to offset the carbon emissions associated with our packaging through a tree planting initiative  and moving our operations as close as possible to net zero. This not only helps to cleanse the air we breathe but also supports reforestation in local areas where our manufacturing is undertaken. Every tree planted will help restore damaged eco systems, stabilise the surrounding soils and air the local water cycle while also absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. Our end objectives will incorporate a better environmental outlook within our packaging solutions and as a customer give you an opportunity to be a part of the net zero carbon initiative.


How it will work... 


Very simple and straightforward; for every order placed, we will offset its carbon by planting an equivalent number of trees without you having to do anything. With our Manufacturing plants based in India we have a substantial work force on the ground dedicated to bringing this project to life. To ensure accuracy, we have partnered with a leading independent environmental consultant; Giraffe Innovations to support us in carbon footprint calculations for all our pouch types as well as creating a Life Cycle Analysis of various product lines.


Other Initiatives already in play


Over the coming  months we will be accelerating our project plans to ensure the majority of our stock lines are 100% recyclable. Through both material innovations and long-term testing at our Swiss Labs R&D facility, we have developed a suite of material options for specific industries and applications. Additionally, we have partnered with the likes of Enval- who specialise in recycling complex plastic packaging. You can be rest assured your sustainability goals are our priority and will be achieved through our dynamic eco strategy which we are constantly adapting and continually improving.


Want to learn more about our Initiatives and Eco-Friendly Options?


We will be running a live webinar for businesses of all sizes towards the end of July, where we will be going through both our sustainability goals, our eco innovations  and de-busting various plastic packaging myths. We will aim to look at and explain the differences between different materials and their associated waste streams and carbon footprint. If this is something you would be interested in, please confirm your attendance using the link below! It’s completely free and if you have any specific questions that your would like to raise in advance then please contact us and we would be happy to integrate as many points into our event.