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Aug. 26, 2020, 10:13 a.m.

A Christmas Opportunity 2020

Flexible Christmas Packaging 2020, a festive opportunity!

One Merry
Christmas in 2020..
Certain products and even services around Christmas increase in demand around the festive period, for many packaging and delivery solutions play a pivotal role in converting that demand into sales. People actively look for that festive exclusive, whether it be for a better price or to try new things, which is where packaging becomes the primary identifier.

Demands for festive exclusives start spiking as early as November as retailers begin their awareness campaigns. Even if your product doesn’t necessarily lend itself to being a festive product, exploiting this opportunity just through adding festive touches to your product packaging does help drive interest and goodwill.

Of course, we understand, for the smaller companies bespoke packaging is sometimes a big commitment but not to worry we’re the largest stockists of stock flexible packaging in Europe. We have stock available in a variety of festive colours such as shiny green and shiny red as well as that printed stickers are always a great addition to these pouches or the plainer colours!

With everything going on its easy to forget about the environment! And Christmas is that time of year where packaging is abused! Did you know we now stock 100% recyclable pouches as well as that our flexible packaging solutions in general produce far less carbon emissions during transport and logistics as traditional rigid packaging which drive the green house gases! Of course, we also do 100% recycled customer printed pouches and printed bags.
Key Industries we believe have great opportunities:
Mail friendly Alcohol
During the pandemic we saw the rise of mailable alcohol, we see tremendous innovation in this space that easily lends itself to the festive season. A winter arming whisky or a clove and orange peel Gin certainly create some festive cheer.
Bath Salts & Essential Oils
Synonymous with Christmas are Pine, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Myrrh, Clove, Sweet Orange, Nutmeg, Anise & Cedarwood
Christmas Packaging Do’s & Don’ts
Do Ensure:
• Ensure your branding and offers and being made clear on your packaging
• Ensure your product packaging is flexible enough to take light scuffs in delivery
• Ensure wherever your ordering your packaging from can deliver on time to meet those important deadlines !

Do not!
• Forget to consult packaging specialist to see whether your product may release gasses, or moisture otherwise you may end up with packaging failure!
• Cram items into packaging, just go for a bigger size!
Place your orders now or begin the process to ensure you have a production slot with a December delivery for large orders. This guarantees you're Christmas Packaging!
If you need help with design, we're here to help just give us a shout!