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May 18, 2020, 11:29 a.m.

Bagging the Booze! Mail Friendly Alcohol

Who thought it would be this easy to keep the drinks flowing throughout the lockdown all the while being eco friendly & sustainable. Learn more about the brands paving the way forward!

With the hospitality sector yet to come out of the lockdown, many pubs, bars and niche distillers have switched to a more mail friendly pouch option to keep the drinks flowing!

The innovation itself however isn’t new for us at Swiss Pack having developed & manufactured alcohol refill pouches for spirit pioneers such as 'Rock Rose Gin' and 'Whisky Me' who both took a gigantic leap forward in becoming more sustainable & environmentally friendly in this sector with the use of our Swiss Aqua Line customised to the highest specifications.

With Rock Rose having plans to take their innovation to market in the future, they could not have imagined the catalysing effect COVID-19 would play. Numerous companies are now benefiting from the growing demand for the online delivery of alcoholic beverages and are utilising our stock spout pouches due to their unique ability to offer a cost effective and secure medium to transport liquids.

One of the latest brands to pivot to flexible pouches during this time is ‘The Ratio’ a forward thinking startup with their Espresso Martini standing out in an elegant matt silver spout pouch with a beautifully printed label.

Beyond being more eco friendly & mail friendly The Ratio’s innovation combines two great things everyone needs during this lockdown. A strong coffee and alcohol that is ready to drink available at your door waiting to give you that super sweet kick!

Like ‘The Ratio’ do you have a special cocktail your friends know you for? Could this be the time you begin bagging your booze and your bank? If so we have a range of spout pouches available if stock for you to try today.

As the industry leaders and innovators for Alcohol pouches there is not a company more experienced out there to take you forward, share a few words with our specialist packaging consultants today and then maybe share drink later!

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