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Your Tea Packaging defines the perception of both your brand & the taste of your tea!

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Industry Overview

After water, tea is the second most consumed beverage consumed worldwide. With so many tea lovers out there, it is crucial that brands make the right tea packaging choices. Whilst boxes and tins have traditionally dominated the market, the variety of sales channels that now exist have changed the way products are sold.

With increasing online sales and growing subscription models, quality brands are now moving towards flexible tea packaging. Beyond the obvious security, merchandising and branding advantages, it is the cost savings on transportation, user convenience due to resealability and enhanced shelf life that make flexible packaging a winner for forward thinking tea companies.  

Eco Packaging Solutions
 In this increasingly consumer orientated market, consumer attitudes towards tea packaging is changing, with customers increasingly looking for more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging for this staple product. Thankfully, Swiss Pack has been at the forefront of researching and developing eco friendly tea packaging solutions ranging from 100% recyclable pouches for tea bags or loose tea to the most ethically sourced paper we use to manufacture our kraft packaging. Please see our eco guide for more information.

We have as many as variations as your tea's!

We can custom produce your tea packaging for loose tea, powder tea, bags or for increased shelf life, viability & aroma retention!

Frequently asked questions

What types of tea can be packed in flexible packaging?


All types of teas can be packed, be it loose leaf tea, through to conventional and pyramid teabags. The aroma retention properties of our pouches make them particularly advantageous for floral, fruity and herbal blends. Specialist pouches maybe required for teas containing oils such as bergamot which is often used in Earl Grey teas.

I have nearly 15 different blends, how can I have printed bags without spending a fortune?


We can offer a variety of services to customers who have a number of different sku’s and require flexibility with volumes. From digital printing through to composite printing, we have options available where you do not have to compromise on the look of your tea packaging.

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Flexible packaging is our craft, from custom shaped and printed packaging to stock items, each item is manufactured to the same high-quality standard. We offer 40 Years of design and operational experience.
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