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Industry Overview

It’s probable that you’ve come across a moist or softened snack over your lifetime and that disappointment simply reflects poorly on the brand ! The main criteria that needs to considered when thinking about snack packaging is : Security, shelf life, barrier properties and aroma retention. These four factors form the very pillars that we have built our business on. There cannot be any compromise in these areas and with Swiss Packs specialist materials we are able to ensure end customers can enjoy  snack products very much as if they have just come of a production line. From stand up pouches and flat three side seal bags to bar packaging and pillow pouches, we have all the main formats covered for the majority of snack packaging requirements. With added easy tear seals and euro hole slots for hanging, the finishing options are numerous to ensure your product not only looks good but can be effectively merchandised. Utilising only the best food grade materials and compliant with all Soil Association and Organic requirements, we aim to set the bar for this ever evolving industry and drive product excellence for snacks packaging.

Does seasonal packaging make a difference?

Thanks to social networks, sharing experiences and exclusive products/content now provide your consumers social value, a factor that now also increases or decreases the perceived value of your product...

Frequently asked questions

What are the core benefits of flexible snack packaging?


Increased shelf life, greater product security against contamination, greater visibility due to a greater vertical surface area, lower carbon footprint due to lighter weight and lower storage cost.

What types of material finishes do you provide for snack packaging?


If you go for one of our products manufactured using our bespoke multi-layer films potentially all material finishes are suitable including Kraft paper finishes, metallic finishes and more.

Do you provide sustainable snack packaging?


Yes! We can produce 100% recyclable snack packaging, compostable packaging, oxo-degradable packaging and Kraft paper packaging. However, it’s important to note the use of these solutions are dependent upon your product e.g. whether it secretes any oils, it’s general shelf and its reaction to different materials.

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Flexible packaging is our craft, from custom shaped and printed packaging to stock items, each item is manufactured to the same high-quality standard. We offer 40 Years of design and operational experience.
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