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Industry Overview

When it comes to pet accessories and pet food packaging Swiss Pack has been at the forefront of the industry supplying some of the larger names as well as the smaller boutique brands across Europe, North America & Asia for over four decades. Utilising the very best production process to produce fit-for-purpose, cost efficient and sustainable pet food packaging solutions that combine maximum protection with minimised waste.

Over the years we have seen the landscape shift from tinned pet food packaging to flexible pouches. More recently, pet owners are becoming all the more conscious of their carbon footprint for both themselves and their pets. In response we are proud to now offer our Swiss Lite range, a 100% recyclable solution.

From treats to toys, we’re able to offer a wide variety of pet packaging solutions to cater for the ever growing innovation of products within the pet product sector. Flexible packaging has many advantages when it comes to merchandising, offering large vibrant surface areas easily visible on shelves. Our pet food packaging also provides a high level of durability, able to accommodate weights even upto 25kgs. Finally, brands can benefit from a multitude of finishing options to enhance the overall customer experience for their pet food packaging

Our Pet Food Packaging boasts the highest quality!

We produce our pet food packaging with the same quality and hygiene standards as if it were our own food! Our Pets deserve nothing less than the best!

Frequently asked questions

Why opt for flexible Pet food packaging?


Flexible pet food packaging has many advantages in contrast to traditional tinned packaging first and foremost the reduced production cost and delivery weight allows for either a cost advantage or greater margin on your products while also adding ethical appeal due to its reduced carbon footprint. As well as this, from a merchandising perspective flexible packaging is far less prone to retail or logistical damage.

Is Plastic Pet Food Packaging safe for animals?


Yes, in fact one key advantage of going flexible is the ability to add various types of reseal options, protecting your pet’s food from moisture and environmental contamination, that can alter both taste while also leaving your pet ill. As well as this tinned packaging is often lined with a variety of toxic chemicals to absorbed by food that can cause cancer, infertility, obesity and more in both animals and humans.

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Flexible packaging is our craft, from custom shaped and printed packaging to stock items, each item is manufactured to the same high-quality standard. We offer 40 Years of design and operational experience.
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