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Our flexible fishing bait packaging is suitable for both Artificial or Natural Fish Baits!

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Industry Overview

Over the past decade, angling has gained in popularity across Europe & North America, as a result fishing bait packaging and fishing accessory packaging has become all the more important in order to appeal to new adopters of this hobby.

Cost Considerations
 Traditionally packed in bulky jars and containers, fishing bait brands can now benefit from comparatively lower cost fishing bait packaging by switching over to pouches. Savings in storage, transport and unit cost all add up to provide significant cost advantages compared to rigid packaging.  

Customer Convenience
 With all our pouches being fridge and freezer grade safe, anglers can now benefit from space saving storage, reseal ability and easy grip handles for larger fishing bait bags.

Merchandising Considerations
 From a merchandising perspective, flexible fishing bait packaging provides a large and vibrant surface area that can really help your brand stand out with your branding. As well as that, you can rest assure the odd scent of fishing bait will also remain sealed within the bag.

 With both compostable and 100% recyclable pouch options available, we all must play our part in helping to reduce waste and protect the valuable oceans and rivers which sustain this much loved hobby

Does your fishing bait packaging bait your buyers?

Our flexible ranges provide brands greater surface areas, eco materials & high barrier protection to bait your customers into buying!

Frequently asked questions

We provide bulk fish bait bags, what is the maximum weight you can pack?


We can supply packaging ranging from 10g all the way up to 5kg, all of which is tested, as you’re bulk packing your fish bait we can also provide carry handles to make it easier for your consumers on their fishing expeditions!

Are your eco options suitable for liquids, I’m looking to pack fish bait additives?


We can custom manufacture any shape or size you want, however, our Swiss Aqua range would be most suitable for this, especially with only a few adopters in the industry at the moment this could be a great way in.

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Flexible packaging is our craft, from custom shaped and printed packaging to stock items, each item is manufactured to the same high-quality standard. We offer 40 Years of design and operational experience.
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