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Flexible Packaging is the most eco friendly packaging solution for fixtures & fasteners

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Industry Overview

Nuts, bolts, screws, nails, plugs and clips can all now say goodbye to poor quality bulky boxes that have been a typical feature of the Fixtures and Fastener Packaging. Flexible packaging solutions provide a secure and effective packaging format, presenting brands and consumers with a whole host of significant advantages:

  • Puncture Resistance - Great for pointy and sharp objects such as screws, nails etc. 
  • Reseal ability - Nothing worse than spilling your items everywhere
  • Tamper-proof seals - Provides a high level of retail protection   
  • Flexible construct - Reduces delivery & retail damage ten-fold 
  • Vibrant packaging - Increase product visibility through the use of clear windows, change designs as you please & low MOQ’s! 
  • Merchandising – Standing on a shelf or handing from a hook, the display opportunities are far superior. 
  • Cost Efficiency – Reduced direct & indirect costs in production, storage & logistics 
  • Recyclable Options – Available in 100% Recyclable, Compostable & Kraft formats.
  • Specialist Spouts – fluorinated spouts available for adhesives, solvents and other sticky/greasy compounds. 
  • Heavy Duty – Store anything up to 10kg and even add handles for convenience

Overall, according to Envirowise 34% of waste from building sites is construction packaging. This is a significant amount of often single use fastener packaging that is being discarded. Flexible packaging can help reduce the overall impact of this waste both through the use of recyclable and compostable materials as well as by offering larger pack sizes which being resealable would mean they are not discarded as single use.

How to add brand value to commodotised products?

Custom Fastener Packaging helps communicate your products value proposition, the greater the perceived value the greater the satisfaction, demand and margin!

Frequently asked questions

What is your supply ability?


We have 3 manufacturing sites in Europe & Asia all of which have a significant capacity to print, laminate and convert a variety of different packaging formats. All our sites are BRC or ISO9001/2000 certified.

Product visibility is a core value driver for our product, people generally want to check sizes against something they have before making a purchase, will having a window incorporate all the same qualities and properties?


Yes! All our fastener packaging is made bespoke to fulfil your needs, we can incorporate a clear or frosted area within any design.

What types of companies use your stand-up pouches for construction packaging?


Stand up pouches is only one of the formats we manufacture, we provide all types of construction packaging for some of biggest players in the market such as Hexstone, Block Blitz, and more! We are a one stop source for screw packaging, bolt packaging and fastener packaging solutions.

Need help with your project?

Flexible packaging is our craft, from custom shaped and printed packaging to stock items, each item is manufactured to the same high-quality standard. We offer 40 Years of design and operational experience.
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