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Industry Overview

As coffee packaging specialists for over four decades , Swiss Pack has built up a tremendous amount of experience with respect to understanding the needs and requirements of coffee roasters. Proudly stocking the Worlds largest range of stock coffee bags, our business has been very much built on all aspects of coffee security, transportation and retail. From the farm to the espresso machine we have coffee packaging options available for any requirement.  Supplying both small roasteries and packers as well as Multinational brands we are able to provide packaging options whatever your size or budget. Encompassing a range of different bag structures all available with our in house manufactured degassing valves and benefitting from complete barrier protection .

By combining the latest rotogravure print technology  with our specialist coffee material structures,  we are able to also offer coffee companies bespoke printed coffee packaging services available at flexible volumes , competitive prices and quick lead times. Working alongside some of the best brands in the Industry, we assure you that through our innovative products and eye catching print quality we can help set your brand apart in the Market. Just as you do not compromise on the quality of your coffee, we in turn believe that you should not compromise on the quality of the coffee packaging that is provided to your customers. If you are changing a design, launching a new product, considering eco coffee packaging options, disappointed with communication and quality from an alternative supplier or simply looking to save money, let us showcase why we are the preferred coffee packaging supplier in Europe

Good Coffee is always found in Great Packaging

Did you know cheap packaging or traditional packaging can alter the life and taste of your coffee

Frequently asked questions

What is the best type of coffee packaging?


There’s no best type of coffee packaging as such, you can pack your coffee in our stand up pouches, flat bottom bags, tin tie bags, side gusset bags and even our spout pouches, as long as there is a flat surface for the valve you can use any style of packaging you please. However, the industry ‘standard’ styles are flat bottom bags and side gusset bags. Check out our Swiss Tasche Range.

Are gas valves needed for coffee packaging?


This depends on the type of coffee you are packing; freshly roasted coffee gives off nearly double it’s the physical volume in carbon dioxide which needs to escape somewhere. However, on the same note oxygen exposure can reduce the freshness of your coffee grains. Thus, a simple one-way valve allows the carbon dioxide to escape, while keeping the oxygen out. Further to that we produce all our valves in house to insure quality as cheap outsourced valves can often leave product vulnerable.

Whether I machine or hand pack my coffee, will it make a difference on the type of packaging I purchase?


Yes! If you’re hand packing, you need to ensure the packaging you select is wide enough to fit your scoop, without it having to stretch and crease the bag. On the other hands you could purchase a smaller scoop but this will reduce your packing efficiency. For machine packing, all our packaging is suitable, we also have our own machines which we can test your packaging with!

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Flexible packaging is our craft, from custom shaped and printed packaging to stock items, each item is manufactured to the same high-quality standard. We offer 40 Years of design and operational experience.
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