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Our Bath Salt Packaging is now available in 100% Recyclable formats!

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Industry Overview

Bath salts have become increasingly popular over the past decade, however, as consumption has increased so has the need for a more economically viable packaging solution that further provides greater barrier properties for the corrosive material itself and from the harsh warm & wet environment, it’s stored in. 

Bath salt packaging has traditionally been in plastic or glass jar forms, which have generally worked well till the point of first use where after they can only be reclosed as opposed to resealed. That said, most forms of standard flexible packaging will offer the same issue and other issues including delamination and staining due to reactions of the oils with the polymers.  

Thankfully at Swiss Pack we have developed a multilayer film composed of a BOPA or Nylon material for the inner layer and the outer layer which is available is kraft paper, PE, PET or anything else you require. Our bespoke Nylon composition developed in the house provides a complete oxygen barrier while also improving the integral structure of the pouch or bag. 

Overall switching to flexible bath salt packaging offers many benefits ranging from a reduced carbon footprint due to the products light weight, cheaper cost p/unit, greater surface area for branding, merchandising protection from any damage and 100% reseals using our top of the line zippers allowing you lock in those sensational aromas! 

Many companies are switching their entire bath salt packaging from jars to flexible packaging after reaping the benefits on a few ranges! In Europe alone we supply some of the largest bath salts brands including: BOD, Scottish Fine Soaps, Asper & Jones and many more... Check our case studies for more information!

How long will your packaging last with your salt?

Bath Salts are generally a pretty corrosive item and react differently depending on what oils are infused with them!

Frequently asked questions

Product visibility is a crucial selling factor for me, can I have semi transparent packaging or a product window?


Yes! We have and can do both using a BOPA & PET multilayer composition which is fully transparent. This can be further formatted as part printed part clear packaging for your bath salts. Example include Asper & Jones and a few others, reach out to us for a full case study!

What are the current trends in bath salt packaging?


Recently we have found increased use in spout pouches and also the incorporation of scoops as the brands we work with was finding many customers were either over or under dispensing their product or getting droplets of water into their packaging leaving the rest unusable! With spout pouches, our Swiss Aqua range can be designed to provide a measure of the portion dispensed while also limited the area of exposure to just the cap.

Is there a recyclable form of bath salt packaging?


Widely available on the market, no. At Swiss Pack, Yes! We’re proud to announce we’re one of the first manufacturers to offer 100% recyclable bath salt packaging that offers the same level barrier protection and reseal ability as our multi-layer film solution. Tt has been a long & tricky process to get there due to the corrosive nature of the substance, but it is now 100% achievable.

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