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No, currently we do not support EU shipping.
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‘Compostable’ and ‘biodegradable’ are often thought of interchangeably, but they are distinct. A compostable material will be broken down in composting conditions, resulting in nutrients for plants to grow in. Whereas, biodegradable material will be broken down by biological processes, resulting in non-toxic components (water, carbon dioxide and biomass). ‘Oxo-Degradable’ on the other hand is slightly different, these are plastic’s that are infused with additives to degrade them, catalysing the process. Often solutions that are plastic free, compostable or biodegradable options aren’t suitable for certain products due to limited barrier properties which is where oxo-degradable comes in this provides the shelf life and barrier properties while also degrading. The infused additive begins degrading the material after approximately 12 months in which this degrades to micro plastics which then degrade completely over time. The questions that arises from this is, is which of the three is more environmentally friendly however, the question you should be asking is which material is suitable for your product and upon that deciding the most environmentally friendly solution. That said, in our opinion Compostable packaging is the most environmentally friendly solution on the market today.
Yes, however it’s important to understand unlike plastic on which ink can sit, Kraft paper is a far more porous material which causes the finish to appear less vibrant finish as opposed to a printing on a laminated surface using any of our three printing methods.
Yes all the inks we use on our Kraft pouches are water based inks.
Yes, we have both fully compostable valves and zippers, although to put in an ordinary recycling bin you would just have to tear either off!
Yes, so long as the food you’re packing is not corrosive or oil based you’re good to go!
Lead times are highly dependent upon location, freight option & quantity. Typically, a short run digitally printed Stand up Pouch / Doy Pack can be turned around in as little weeks 3 weeks from order date to your door. Larger orders and other print options such as rotogravure lead times can be as short as 4-6 weeks with an express service.
Yes, one of the many advantages of flat bottom bags is that you have five different print sides (including the base) , allowing you to convey significant brand and production information to consumers. If considering a rotogravure custom printed flat bottom pouch then we can commence production from volumes as low as 5000 units. However, we are able to reduce this slightly for larger bag formats with capacities in excess of 5kg.
Thankfully we are one of the very few worldwide companies that offer a range of different zipper options to customers. Generally customers tend to adopt either a standard fixed zipper or a pocket zipper. The pocket zipper was developed in Japan as a way to help speed up packing by allowing bags to be opened to their full width without any restriction. Upon heat sealing a tear of zipper can then used to access the product and act as a convenient reseal.
This question has many variables to consider, first and foremost the material used, the product is packed and thirdly the environment the product will be stored in. More information can be found on our eco-packaging guide.
There are three different ways to fill your pouch: 1) We can leave the top edge open for you to heat seal 2) We can leave the bottom edge open for you to heat seal 3) You can your substance through the actual spout 4) If you’re packing a product with greater viscosity we can also provide a reseal.
For standard sizes with custom printing and colour and embossing it can take between 4 – 6 weeks. For custom shapes and sizes, which require tooling and molding it can be produced within 8-10 weeks from artwork approval.
Yes! Just send us your logo or branding that you want on your plastic scoop and we’ll get one of our CAD designers to convert it to a 3D model!
For gravure or flexographic printing we charge by the kg for digital printing we charge by impressions!
This would very much depend upon the material and the waste processing stream available within your market. On the whole our recyclable pouches can be discarded within recycle waste bins and home compostable pouches can be thrown away with your food waste.
There’s no best type of coffee packaging as such, you can pack your coffee in our stand up pouches, flat bottom bags, tin tie bags, side gusset bags and even our spout pouches, as long as there is a flat surface for the valve you can use any style of packaging you please. However, the industry ‘standard’ styles are flat bottom bags and side gusset bags. Check out our Swiss Tasche Range.
This depends on the type of coffee you are packing; freshly roasted coffee gives off nearly double it’s the physical volume in carbon dioxide which needs to escape somewhere. However, on the same note oxygen exposure can reduce the freshness of your coffee grains. Thus, a simple one-way valve allows the carbon dioxide to escape, while keeping the oxygen out. Further to that we produce all our valves in house to insure quality as cheap outsourced valves can often leave product vulnerable.
Yes! We have and can do both using a BOPA & PET multilayer composition which is fully transparent. This can be further formatted as part printed part clear packaging for your bath salts. Example include Asper & Jones and a few others, reach out to us for a full case study!
Recently we have found increased use in spout pouches and also the incorporation of scoops as the brands we work with was finding many customers were either over or under dispensing their product or getting droplets of water into their packaging leaving the rest unusable! With spout pouches, our Swiss Aqua range can be designed to provide a measure of the portion dispensed while also limited the area of exposure to just the cap.
Increased shelf life, greater product security against contamination, greater visibility due to a greater vertical surface area, lower carbon footprint due to lighter weight and lower storage cost.
If you go for one of our products manufactured using our bespoke multi-layer films potentially all material finishes are suitable including Kraft paper finishes, metallic finishes and more.
Yes! We can produce 100% recyclable snack packaging, compostable packaging, oxo-degradable packaging and Kraft paper packaging. However, it’s important to note the use of these solutions are dependent upon your product e.g. whether it secretes any oils, it’s general shelf and its reaction to different materials.
We can supply packaging ranging from 10g all the way up to 5kg, all of which is tested, as you’re bulk packing your fish bait we can also provide carry handles to make it easier for your consumers on their fishing expeditions!
We can custom manufacture any shape or size you want, however, our Swiss Aqua range would be most suitable for this, especially with only a few adopters in the industry at the moment this could be a great way in.
Yes! If you’re hand packing, you need to ensure the packaging you select is wide enough to fit your scoop, without it having to stretch and crease the bag. On the other hands you could purchase a smaller scoop but this will reduce your packing efficiency. For machine packing, all our packaging is suitable, we also have our own machines which we can test your packaging with!
Widely available on the market, no. At Swiss Pack, Yes! We’re proud to announce we’re one of the first manufacturers to offer 100% recyclable bath salt packaging that offers the same level barrier protection and reseal ability as our multi-layer film solution. Tt has been a long & tricky process to get there due to the corrosive nature of the substance, but it is now 100% achievable.
Flexible pet food packaging has many advantages in contrast to traditional tinned packaging first and foremost the reduced production cost and delivery weight allows for either a cost advantage or greater margin on your products while also adding ethical appeal due to its reduced carbon footprint. As well as this, from a merchandising perspective flexible packaging is far less prone to retail or logistical damage.
Yes, in fact one key advantage of going flexible is the ability to add various types of reseal options, protecting your pet’s food from moisture and environmental contamination, that can alter both taste while also leaving your pet ill. As well as this tinned packaging is often lined with a variety of toxic chemicals to absorbed by food that can cause cancer, infertility, obesity and more in both animals and humans.
We have 3 manufacturing sites in Europe & Asia all of which have a significant capacity to print, laminate and convert a variety of different packaging formats. All our sites are BRC or ISO9001/2000 certified.
Typically the minimum order quantity varies depending on the print process for a rotogravure custom printed stand up pouch it would be 5000 units and for digitally printed stand up pouches we can print from as little as 1000 units.
Yes, we are able to accommodate customer requests for specific positioning of degassing valves. For such a request the typical minimum order for a rotogravure custom printed side gusset pouch would be 5000 units. However, we are able to reduce this slightly for larger bag formats with capacities in excess of 10kg.
Standard side gusset bags cannot be fitted with a zipper. However, reseal sticker tabs and also tin ties can be supplied to provide a convenient reclose mechanism.
Typically the minimum order for a rotogravure custom printed eco pouch would be 5000 units for fully recyclable bags and 10,000 units for compostable bags .
All our spout pouches can be either filled on automatic production lines or by hand. For hand filling , a funnel would be recommended if filling directly in through the spout or via the top of the pouch.
Yes we offer a variety of different spout options. Standard fittings will tend to have a 10mm or 22 diameter. However, we do have access to a wide range of other sized moulds enabling us to generally meet the spout requirements for most applications.
The only difference really is when it comes to a merchandising perspective, if you opt for a three side seal format the key advantage you have is you have no seal running down the back of it, making it a great option to showcase your creative designs. As well as that with three side seal formats you have the ability to add a Euro Slot allowing your product to be hung in store as opposed to central seal formats where it’s still achievable but runs the risk of breaking the seal.
Yes, we're able to supply bar packaging both with or without a metallized layer.
Yes we are able to supply and print paper based bar packaging.
All types of teas can be packed, be it loose leaf tea, through to conventional and pyramid teabags. The aroma retention properties of our pouches make them particularly advantageous for floral, fruity and herbal blends. Specialist pouches maybe required for teas containing oils such as bergamot which is often used in Earl Grey teas.
We can offer a variety of services to customers who have a number of different sku’s and require flexibility with volumes. From digital printing through to composite printing, we have options available where you do not have to compromise on the look of your tea packaging.
This completely depends upon the storage as well as mode of sale of your products. The key metric to understand is OTR and WTR levels which basically cover moisture and oxygen transmission rates. We are able to provide comprehensive data sheets on all our products so that an informed choice can be made on suitability.
Stand up pouches is only one of the formats we manufacture, we provide all types of construction packaging for some of biggest players in the market such as Hexstone, Block Blitz, and more! We are a one stop source for screw packaging, bolt packaging and fastener packaging solutions.