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The Swiss Aqua range is Swiss Pack’s solution for all thing’s fluid be it liquids, beverages, creams, gels, solvents, powders and even adhesives! Manufactured using the same cutters as of our stand-up pouches, they provide all the same benefits and more including cost efficiency, increased visibility, convenience and ease of dispense. However, we take our spout pouches a step further by using higher grade and denser polymer to ensure they’re both puncture proof and leak proof. All our spout pouches come lined with an aluminum film to further protect any material transfer/contamination, beyond that our bespoke film has been tested with over 1000 different substances and can withstand the most corrosive materials including both acid and alkaline based materials. When it comes to accessories, we have several different options including fluorinated spouts to pack solvents, adhesives and more without causing any leaks, adhesion or drying. For consumables, we offer both child proof spouts, sport cap spouts better known as drip proof spouts, baby spouts and tamper-evident spouts. Due to the denser polymer, we use another our spout pouches can be filled to hold weight ranging from 50g to 30kg. For the larger weighted quantities when packing items such as detergents or engine oils we can also provide carry handles allowing ease of use. 

In regard to environmental benefits our spout pouches consume nearly 60% less plastic than traditional plastic bottles, require far less energy to produce and produce less waste in the process. When it comes storage and logistics, spout pouches can capacitate nearly 99.5% as opposed to plastic bottles which require a 5-15% fill allowance. In terms of logistics spout pouches produce far less carbon during transportation due to their compact size allowing a greater quantity to be transported and requiring fewer trucks.  

Customer Benefits

Environmentally friendly 


Light Weight 

Cost - Efficiency 

Food Grade Safe. 

Use Cases

Sauces, Adhesives, Detergents, Powders, Oils, Salts, Fine Grains, Baby Food, Sealants, Beverages, Inks, Refill containers, Soaps, Paints, Milk, 

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Flexible packaging is our craft, from custom shaped and printed.


Brexit 2020 V3.0 - Impacts on packaging consumers

As Brexit has come twice already, most of us are probably already prepared in all sorts of ways for stock, storage and distribution and for those who haven’t here’s another chance to get ahead of the game!

Frequently Asked Industry Questions

What filing options are available with your spout pouches?

There are three different ways to fill your pouch: 1) We can leave the top edge open for you to heat seal 2) We can leave the bottom edge open for you to heat seal 3) You can your substance through the actual spout 4) If you’re packing a product with greater viscosity we can also provide a reseal.