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Printed film is one of the most traditional and used forms of packaging today, we supply printed film for both shrink wraps & stretch wraps available in digital and gravure / flexographic formats. Our printed film is available in three different materials; PVC, POF & PE all of which have their own unique specifications, advantages and disadvantages for particular industries. That said, all three films can also be combined or ‘co-extruded’ to attain advantages of all three while also increasing barrier properties. Below is a breakdown of our 3 Materials. 

PVC film is one of the most used materials for shrink wraps today due to it durability, easy sealing, shrinking capabilities and approval to be used in direct food packaging. Beyond that its core advantages lay in it’s light weight and low cost in contrast to other materials making it a go to solution for many industries and in particular food and pharmaceuticals.  It would be beneficial to check with your retailer and local council on their stance on PVC film beforehand due to the films lack of sustainability  

POF film is clear film and the most durable of all 3 films due to its high tensile strength and tightly packed particle composition. POF is a great solution to wrap heavy items or items that require a film to be puncture proof and tear resistant e.g. where vertical edges or pointy objects are being packed or the product is subject to harsh treatrment during storage and transport. Typical use cases include where heavy items need to be bundled together e.g. water bottles or in the case of building materials, bulk packs, and fixtures and fasteners where puncture and tear resistance and clear visibility Is required. 

PE film is a single polymer film known for its elasticity making it suitable for both shrink and stretch film applications, it’s most commonly used where items need to be wrapped with a protective layer however, unlike PVC and POF films it doesn’t shrink when heated rather it shrinks after exposure to heat making it slightly more difficult to work with. The biggest advantage of PE in contrast to the other two films is when it comes to sustainability. With retailers and governments putting in restrictions on other types of plastic used PE is a 100% recyclable material as well as that like POF it is a transparent film but offers far clearer visibility in contrast to POF making it an all round winner for nearly all applications! 

Our PE is further available is three different compositions depending on the use

  1.  Low Density PE  - High elasticity and stretch wrapping, most durable but less clear 
  2.  Liner Low Density PE - Great for bulk packaging , as durable but greater clarity
  3.  High Density PE – FDA approved for food packaging, crystal clear, lightweight and durable most commonly used for retail products

Customer Benefits


Light Weight 

Cost – Efficient  

Food Grade Safe

High Strength

Use Cases:

Sauces, Adhesives, Detergents, Powders, Oils, Salts, Fine Grains, Baby Food, Sealants, Beverages, Inks, Refill containers, Soaps, Paints, Milk, 

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Frequently Asked Industry Questions

What pricing method do you use for printed film?

For gravure or flexographic printing we charge by the kg for digital printing we charge by impressions!