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Plastic scoops are a great way to add value to your product by creating convenience for your customer by simplifying the process of dispensing your product, available in a range of different sizes we can custom produce any size, shape or emblem onto them. As plastic scoops are generally hoarded by consumers this creates a unique branding opportunity for your product as all of our plastic scoops are safe to re-use. Beyond these obvious advantages plastic scoops also significantly reduce the risk of contamination of your product by the consumer's own hands or through the of other utensils that may have been used elsewhere. The effect of the contamination, be it the consumer's fault will occasionally be reflected upon the brand.  

As a packaging company, we understand that many consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impact the products they consume have, to reduce their anxiety and allow you to tap into audiences and markets who have adopted or adapting to a more sustainable lifestyle, we now only produce plastic scoops that are composed from 100% polypropylene which is a 100% recyclable plastic.

Plastic scoops are used in a wide variety of industries today, they’re generally used with bulk packed grains, powders and other granular products. They can be most commonly found in food supplement products that require an accurate dispense. As well as that these plastic scoops also give you the opportunity to control the product quality your consumers create for themselves e.g. in the case of coffee!

 Customer Benefits

Environmentally friendly 


Light Weight 


Food Grade Safe

Use Cases:

Sauces, Adhesives, Detergents, Powders, Oils, Salts, Fine Grains, Baby Food, Sealants, Beverages, Inks, Refill containers, Soaps, Paints, Milk, 

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Brexit 2020 V3.0 - Impacts on packaging consumers

As Brexit has come twice already, most of us are probably already prepared in all sorts of ways for stock, storage and distribution and for those who haven’t here’s another chance to get ahead of the game!

Frequently Asked Industry Questions

What is the lead time to custom produce plastic scoops?

For standard sizes with custom printing and colour and embossing it can take between 4 – 6 weeks. For custom shapes and sizes, which require tooling and molding it can be produced within 8-10 weeks from artwork approval.

Can you help me with the CAD design?

Yes! Just send us your logo or branding that you want on your plastic scoop and we’ll get one of our CAD designers to convert it to a 3D model!